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Schedule Adjustments
The course selection process begins when students meet with counselors in February. Students and parents should access the Program of Studies online. It is very important that students and parents select courses and make adjustments in course selections during the time provided. Students will have one week to consult with counselors, teachers and their parents before finalizing selections. By mid-March, all final selections for the next school year should be completed.

Schedule adjustments at the beginning of the new semester can be made only for the following reasons:

  • The student is eligible for cooperative training.
  • The student has an incomplete schedule because of an unavoidable conflict.
  • The student has a failure from the previous semester in a prerequisite course.
  • The student made a schedule change during the course selection period that was not properly processed.
  • The student completed a course in summer school that is on his/her current schedule.
  • The student is misplaced as verified by the teacher, counselor, Assistant Principal and parent.

Students who do not qualify for schedule adjustments under the above criteria must follow their schedules for the entire semester. Students who experience academic difficulty in a course they have selected will not be allowed to withdraw or change the class without parent, teacher and counselor involvement.

  • Schedule changes must be made before the final course selection date since the master class schedule for next year’s program is based upon the data collected from students.
  • Course requests will be viewable in MISTAR (Zangle) StudentConnection and MISTAR ParentPortal. This is your confirmation of courses requested to be scheduled, and not an assurance that the confirmed requests will be scheduled, as irresolvable conflicts and course limits do occur.
  • Some of the courses will be offered in only one of the school buildings. Students may have to move between buildings to attend their assigned courses.
  • Due to low enrollment, some courses described in this publication may not be offered.
  • Parents are encouraged to communicate freely with counselors and members of the school staff throughout the course selection period.

Testing Out of a Course
Under the Michigan Merit Curriculum Law, students may test out and receive credit for any course. Students who are not enrolled in a course who attain a score of 80% or higher on a course assessment identified by the district will receive credit for the course. Assessments measure a student’s understanding of the subject area content expectations. Successfully testing out of a course will be reflected on a student’s transcript as a “G” grade. The grade is not calculated into the student’s grade point average. See your counselor for more information.

Transfer of Credits
Canton, Plymouth and Salem High Schools are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The high school credits of students new to the district will be accepted from secondary schools, which have been approved by a recognized accrediting agency. Credits presented from a non-accredited, non-complying public or non-public school will be accepted only after evaluation against district standards.

Transfer Out of District
Parents must notify the student’s assistant principal about plans to transfer their child to another school. Transfer will be authorized only after the student has completed the arrangements, returned all school materials, and paid any fees or fines that are due. School records may not be released if the transfer is not properly completed. Parents are encouraged to contact their assistant principal for specific details.

School officials, when transferring student records, are required to transmit disciplinary records including suspension and expulsion actions against the student.